Sunday, 24 November 2013

Magic at The Kinfolk Dinner

I stumbled across the beautiful Kinfolk Magazine after emerging from a 12 month sabbatical called motherhood. It was so refreshing to find something that celebrated the everyday and the simple act of getting loved ones together to enjoy a meal. But what's really inspired me are the beautiful events and workshops they host in cities around the world that have included everything from flower arranging, pickling, honey harvesting and herbal infusions to dinners, a butchers block party and camp fire cooking. This is where fans like me can experience all that Kinfolk stands for while meeting like minded individuals.

With Co-founder Katie Searle Williams and Community Manager Julie Pointer in Australia recently, I was delighted to be able to attend the very first Australian Kinfolk Dinner Series held in their honour at the stunning Glenmore House. It was the largest dinner they have ever hosted and with 70 people sitting down to eat together at one long table, it made for a truly magical night.

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